Cosmetic Ingredients

Cosmetic Ingredients Catalogue

ADEKA NOL GT-730 & GT-930: Thickeners

Memory gel with high thixotropy, no influence on salt, pH and viscosity. Crystal clear formulations.

ADEKA NOL TPE-2424: Moisturizer

Water soluble emollient oil, which can make clear formulation. Moisturizes with no sticky feeling.

Film formers: Oil soluble

Film formers are polymers capable of forming a cohesive and continuous film on keratinous surfaces with optimal adhesion and flexibility properties.

Emulsifiers: SUNSOFT, SUNOIL & TAISET – PEG-Free – Natural & Synthetic

SUNSOFT offers a wide range of applications covering emulsification, solubilisation, detergency and foaming. With less greasy residue it leaves the skin feel soft and hydrated.
SUNOIL emollient enhances the absorption of oil components through the skin while leaving the skin feel soft and smooth.
TAISET can contribute to the enhanced stability of emulsions while forming polarized association structures around the interface between oil and water.

Preservative boosters & Natural boosters

ADEKA NOL OG: Perservative booster

A multi-functional additive with viscosity regulating function and excellent wetting properties. It offers strong antimicrobial properties, pH-independent activity and stability.

ADEKA NOL CHG & NHG: Perservative boosters

High water solubility, low irritation as well as good moisturizing and bacteriostatic effect. Usable for cosmetics, toiletries and wet-wipes.

ADEKA NOL GE-RF & GE-108: Preservative boosters

Ethylhexylglycerin is a frequently used multifunctional additive. Beside its deodorant efficacy, it is an excellent booster of many traditional preservatives and other antimicrobial susbstances.

ADEKA NOL NHG eco & CGE eco: Natural preservative boosters

Similar performances compared to our synthetic products in terms of water solubility, low irritation as well as moisturizing effect. Usable for cosmetics, hair care and face masks.

Natural Ingredients

Tamarind: Natural Polysaccharide - Thickener

100% natural. Moisturizes and soothes the skin. Dissolves into water without heating. Produces clear formulations.

ADEKA Mevalonolactone & Beta Glucan LQ-S: Natural active ingredients

Suitable for functionalization of cosmetics. Mevalonolactone (stimulation of cholesterol metabolism)
and β-glucan (improvement in moisture-retaining property and usability).

Biotechnology Process - Fermentation

Majime Bio: Prebiotic fermented fruit extracts

Extremely beneficial to the skin microbiome. The fermentation process by using probiotic lactic acid bacteria gives rise to micronutrients, bioactive compounds and organic acids, which synergistically help the skin become healthier.

Halorubin: Antioxidant

Halorubin is an antioxidant active ingredient made by carotenoid Bacterioruberin, which represents one of the most versatile antioxidants found in nature. Halorubin protects against blue light, DNA and radical scavenging activity.

Defoaming surfactants

ADEKA NOL L, F, P Series

Non-ionic polymer surfactants which are composed of polyethylene glycol & polypropylene glycol. By varying the molecular weight and ratio, it is possible to achieve various properties.

ADEKA NOL LG-109 & LG-126: Defoamers for fermentation

Polyether type - Transparent liquid
Industrial antifoam agents for the fermentation industry. Excellent foam breakage/suppression properties and high water dispersibility. Certified Kosher and Halal.

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