Cosmetic Ingredients


Non-ionic surfactants. For wide applications including defoamers,emulsifiers, solubilizing agents, and dispersants. Low in toxicity.

ADEKA NOL GT-730 & GT-930 - Thickeners

Memory gel with high thixotropic no influence on salt, pH and viscosity. Crytal clear formulations.

ADEKA NOL CHG & NHG:Perservative boosters

High water solubility, low irritation, as well as good moisturizing and bacteriostatic effect. Usable for cosmetics and toiletries and wet-wipes.

ADEKA Mevalonolactone & Beta Glucan LQ-S: Natural active ingredients

Suitable for functionalization of cosmetics.Mevalonolactone (stimulation of cholesterol metabolism) and β-glucan (improvement in moisture-retaining property and usability).

ADEKA NOL L-64 & L-121: Cleansing agents

Poloxamer 84 & Poloxamer 403. Non-ionic polymer surfactant, which is composed of polyethylene glycol and polypropylene glycol. Less irritation on skin & eye.

ADEKA NOL TPE-2424: Moisturizer

Water soluble emollient oil which can make clear formulation. Moisturizes with no sticky feeling.

Industrial Ingredients & Detergents

ADEKA NOL LG-109 & LG-126: Defoamer for fermentation

Polyether type - Transparent liquid
Industrial antifoam agents for fermentation industry. Excellent foam breakage/suppression properties and high water dispersibility. Certified Kosher and Halal.

ADEKA NOL BO-901 - Low forming detergent

Biodegradable, stable in alkaline, good Detergency, wetting.

ADEKA NOL B-722 - High alcohol alkoxylate type surfactant, low foaming

Excellent surface active and defoaming effects

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